( A Minervaa Group Initiative )

Knowledge Camp

Minervaa offers a ‘knowledge camp’ of one night and two days for students appearing in all six subjects of the MISE and scoring 82% at least in one subject. All the expenses for the knowledge camp will be borne by Minervaa.

Benefits of ‘Knowledge camp’

  • As professional child experts, camping experts and academicians will lead the students in the camp, they will be able to explore and learn more about new places and people.
  • The knowledge camp will also provide the students with interesting information on nature and its inhabitants and will also instill within them the need and importance to conserve the same.
  • They will perform many group activities which will not only increase their interpersonal skills but will also help in understanding themselves better.
  • Experts will also teach tricks and techniques on how to survive during extreme situations and will also familiarize them with different forms of perils and ways to tackle them. They will also be briefed on different equipments and their uses.
  • ‘Knowledge camp’ will also help students to release their stress and it will also be a much needed escape from their day-to-day routine.